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Band Info
The Clay People are an Albany based
band who are just waiting to explode on to
the national scene. They have been around,
in various incarnations, since the late eighties.
In their home town, their name is synonymous
with aggressive, driven music and their shows
have become an event not to miss. Many of
their performances, from venues like QE2
(No longer in existence) to Edgefest have
become legendary and they are known for
their ability to outperform various nationally
known "headliners".

Most recently, they performed at the Vans
Warped tour and from the T-shirts I saw
there, it was apparent that many of the people
were there mainly to see them. They are
currently in negotiations with new
management and a new Enhanced CD is
iminent. One new track which has been
featured in many of the shows recently, is
"My X-ploding Head" and it is available for
downloading here:

If you're not already a fan, this could just
make you one and if you are, it will wet your
thirst for what is to come.